Locust Valley Day School

Locust Valley Day School is a child centered preschool where we believe in learning through play. We are a small school that gives attention to individual needs. We nurture and care for our children in a loving and fun environment. We create an environment where children are comfortable being who they are, where they can build confidence and friendships.

As early learners our children become independent, follow routines, share, cooperate, and develop their imagination. Our children are encouraged to grow at their own pace with guidance and structure. 

The children engage in both individual and group learning, language arts, literacy, crafts, science projects, outside play, inside play and socialization.


"The school community is one that feels like a family.  The teachers are supportive and flexible, and work tirelessly to meet each student's individual needs. I drop my children off each morning knowing they will be nurtured, challenged, and inspired. I pick them up each day and am greeted with smiles and excitement to share stories of their adventures."



"Our entire family couldn’t be more grateful for the wonderful experience. From the immensely caring teachers and staff to the educational elements that make learning fun for the little ones.  My kids have simply flourished in amazing ways as they’ve transitioned from toddlers to pre-schoolers and I owe a large amount of their success to the dedicated teachers of Locust Valley Day School!"



 "LVDS was such a warm and welcoming place and both my daughters were excited every morning to go to school. The balance between learning the fundamentals (letters, numbers, colors, etc) and the time spent playing was perfect and the teachers and assistants always went above and beyond to make every child reach their potential."